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Leading Bearing , Belts, Motion Control and Power Transmission Solutions Provider

Two locations:

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Calgary: 503-42 Avenue SE (full service location) 

Edmonton: 4715-91 Avenue NW (order pick-up location only) 

  • Over 10,000 sq ft. dedicated warehouse space in two convenient locations
  • Edmonton warehouse
  • Calgary retail store and warehouse
  • Large quantities of industry specific products.
  • Belts, bearings, sheaves, motors, shafts, chain, seals, lubricants and more.
  • If we don’t have the products you require, we will attempt to find what you need, with the quickest turnaround time possible.

Our staff has over 250 years of industry specific experience to help you provide technical solutions to your customers, including part failure analysis.

We provide 24-hour emergency services. We are available anytime to help you serve a customer who has an emergency break-down.

Partnering with companies and individuals in multiple industries since 1953, proves TSL’s commitment, longevity and business aptitude. We are here to serve you!

Efficient, same day or next day shipping to your door!

Partnering with us, using superior TSL supplied products at competitive prices, saves money and time by having the right parts at the right price.

Knowledge – Quality – Results

Transmission Supplies Ltd. is a family owned company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have been a distributor of bearings and power transmission parts since 1953.

Our Customers
Our customers range from individuals looking for bearings, to residential homeowners looking for v- belts for their furnaces, to commercial companies and large industries like:
• Oil Field Maintenance
• Agriculture
• Manufacturing
• Transportation

We carry products and equipment that will fix almost anything with moving parts. Best of all, we pride ourselves on having a high level of customer service for clients throughout Calgary and area.

We Keep Machines Running and Your Production on Schedule

Our professionally trained sales staff meet your needs by delivering:
• Cost-Effective Solutions
• Outstanding Engineering Support Services
• Technical Expertise
• Quick Service

You get correct products for your repair and replacement needs. Our wide inventory selection and delivery system is geared to make your wait time for the part you need very short.

Why Choose Us?
• Leading Distributor of Machinery Belts in Calgary
• Open on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm
• Two locations – Calgary and Edmonton
• 24-Hour Emergency Services. Always available anytime you need help!

Diagnostics and Recommendations
While we do not provide any installation or repairs in house, we outsource repairs. If you need to get a machine back and up running in a hurry, we have employees with the expertise to diagnose an issue and prescribe a solution.

Transmission Supplies Ltd. is Proud to Be a Member of the Following:


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